Taste of Tahiti
November 23 and 24, 2018 | At AGUA CALIENTE CASINO RESORT SPA, Rancho Mirage, CA
Taste of Tahiti is a non-profit organization, founded in 2014 by a group of young people from the island of Huahine; those people wanted to share their passion for their culture through dance, music and food. Selected members of the group from Huahine and Roger Mou, the liaison between Huahine and California, introduced the Taste of Tahiti and brought over 70 people from French Polynesia to the City of Temecula. These people, from the islands of Huahine, Raiatea, and Bora Bora, connected with the city of Temecula. The group performed at the City Hall of Temecula, where they received an official proclamation from the City Council. A reminisce of this connection is showcased on the 3rd floor of the City Hall which signifies a working development between the two sister cities of Temecula and Huahine.
​On a yearly rotation basis, we will appoint local non-profit organization/chapter to be able to share positive and financial impacts.

Our main objectives are to raise awareness about cultivating future generations, keeping traditions and promoting their islands and Pacific neighbors through culture, food, music, dance and people. Reconnecting the triangle of the Pacific, which includes Tahiti, New Zealand and Hawaii is imperative. One of the organizations goals is that the Taste of Tahiti event will be able to bring a positive economic impact on these islands, bringing tourism to the islands natural resources. 

To share our cultures and values as our ancestors have been promoting through generations with one simple ingredient: show your actions with a pure heart. ​

  1. ​Roger Mou (Tahiti & California)
  2. Francis Villierme (Huahine)
  3. Rony Mou Fat (Raiatea)
  4. Taumata Tuiaiho (Tahiti)

  1. Tara Kim (Temecula)
  2. Melanie Ramirez (Temecula)
  3. ​Melody Pye (Temecula)
  4. Sabrina Thompson (Temecula)
  5. Tommy Ramirez (Temecula)
  6. Clara Oldham (Raiatea)
  7. ​Roina Smith Schmidt (Raiatea)
  8. Marilyn Greg (Raiatea)
  9. Carlos Schmidt (Raiatea)
  10. Verani Mu (Raiatea)

  1. Joanne Bruggemans (Coachella Valley)
  2. Tony Bruggemans (Coachella Valley)
  3. Keali'i Faustino (Menifee)
  4. ​Ashlyn Ramirez (Temecula)
  5. Cameron Finley (Temecula)